VESPA WORLD DAYS 2024 Pontedera Pisa Italy


Vespa World Day 2024 Pontedera Pisa Italy (Quelle: Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi By Foto ReD Photogr)
My father Magni Vittorio's Vespa
(Quelle: Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi By Foto ReD )
GDN - From April 18th to 21st, 2024, Pontedera, in the province of Pisa, Italy, will host the Vespa Days, the gathering dedicated to the Vespa, the world's most famous scooter. This event has been organized for the first time in the city of birth and production of this iconic means of transportation, which has captured the hearts of millions of enthusiasts around the world.

The Vespa was born in Pontedera in 1946, thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of Enrico Piaggio, founder of the company that gave life to this legendary vehicle. Since then, the Vespa has crossed decades of history, becoming a symbol of freedom and style and winning over generations of people around the world.
The Vespa Days gathering is a moment of meeting and celebration for all Vespa enthusiasts, who come together to share their passion for this unique vehicle. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to take part in numerous activities, such as city rallies, tourist tours in the surroundings, visits to the Vespa factory, and much more.

In addition to the scheduled activities, the Vespa Days also offer the opportunity to discover the beauty of Pontedera and its territory, immersing oneself in a special atmosphere full of emotions. Participants will have the chance to visit the places related to the history of the Vespa, such as the Piaggio Museum, which tells the story and evolution of this means of transportation.
The Vespa Days gathering is a must-attend event for all Vespa enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience, surrounded by the beauty of Pontedera and the magic of the Vespa. The appointment is from April 18th to 21st, 2024 in Pontedera, to celebrate together the myth of the Vespa and its city of origin.
This year's edition is shaping up to be one of the most magnificent in the history of Vespa Clubs, which have been gathering for seventy years to celebrate the iconic Vespa. The event, held in Paris since 1954, will see the participation of enthusiasts from all over the world: 660 Vespa Clubs from Italy are expected to attend, but there will also be representatives from Australia, Canada, Japan, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Morocco, and all European countries.
Over 8000 Vespas will be present, forming a snake over 10 kilometers long through the picturesque locations around the legendary factory where they were produced. Furthermore, it is expected that thousands of unofficially registered Vespas will join the event.
We from Foto ReD Photographic Agency will also be present at this fantastic event to capture and preserve this historic event in time.
Roberto Magni and Daniela Comi Director
Foto ReD Photographic Agency

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